The Guidelines

In addition to its Blue Book series of industry standards and nomenclature, the World Jewellery Confederation produces sets industry guides. These recommend operating methods, standards, principles and terminology in a number areas. All of them are made available at no cost online. 

Among the guidance materials are the “CIBJO’s Do’s & Don’ts,” which is available in 16  languages and is a simplified guide to assist those selling diamonds, coloured gemstones, corals, pearls and any related artificial products. Another is the “CIBJO Guide for Classifying Natural Pearls and Cultured Pearls,” which is a 62-page illustrated document that provides an overarching view of natural and cultured pearls, from both seawater and freshwater sources.

The Responsible Sourcing Commission in session during the 2021 CIBJO Congress, which was conducted virtually. The body has since been restructured as the Sustainable Development Commission.

In June 2021, the Confederation released the “Laboratory-Grown Diamond Guidance.” The result of a three-year project, which included members of both the laboratory-grown and natural diamond sectors, includes a set of operating standards and principles for the laboratory-grown diamond sector that are designed to enhance consumer confidence both in the product and the jewellery industry.

In January 2024, CIBJO released a guidance document outlining environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles for companies primarily involved in the laboratory-grown diamond sector. It is designed to companies to devise sustainable strategies to satisfy consumer expectations around environmental and social responsibility and to support them meet ESG regulatory requirements imposed by governments.

In November 2021, the Confederation released the second edition of the “Retailer’s Reference Guide.” 154-pages long and richly illustrated, it is an in-store resource for sales staff in retail jewellery outlets.The Guide is available online in interactive PDF format, and can also be downloaded free of charge from a dedicated mini-website.

Retailer's Reference Guide
CIBJO's Do's & Dont's
CIBJO Guide for Classifying Natural Pearls & Cultured Pearls
CIBJO Laboratory-Grown Diamond Guideline
ESG Principles for Laboratory-Grown DiamondS