About the CIBJO Retailer’s Reference Guide

The CIBJO Retailer’s Reference Guide was first released as a printed book in 2011, as an in-store resource for sales staff in retail jewellery stores. It was explicitly designed provide them a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental elements of diamonds, gemstones, pearls and precious metals, with goal that the knowledge be used to educate, inform and inspire jewellery consumers.

The updated edition of the CIBJO Retailer’s Reference Guide, released in November 2021, is has been produced in all-digital format. Comprising a set of interactive PDFs, all of which can be downloaded free of charge, is has two sections: A quick reference guide called Key Facts, and five chapters, covering the key jewellery elements in greater detail, namely Diamonds, Gemstones, Pearls, Precious Metals and Responsible Sourcing. The chapter on Responsible Sourcing is new addition to the Guide, although all the richly illustrated section have updated.

The new edition of the CIBJO Retailer’s Reference Guide, like the first edition, was compiled, edited and produced by CIBJO’s Marketing and Education Commission, headed by Jonathan Kendall, working in close collaboration with the President of CIBJO’s Sector A, Roland Naftule.

The Marketing & Education Commission would like to thank:

  • Ken Scarratt and Shigeru Akamatsu of the CIBJO Pearl Commission for the text and image development of the Pearl chapter
  • Huw Daniel and Françoise Izaute for all of their help and support on the Precious Metals chapter •
  • Udi Sheintal and Jean-Pierre Chalain for all of their help and support on the Diamond chapter
  • Robert Weldon, Director of the GIA library, Jonathan Muyal, Orasa Weldon and other GIA staff members for the text and images of the Gemstone chapter
  • Philip Olden for the text and images of the Responsible Sourcing chapter
  • Rui Galopim de Carvalho, Thomas Lind and Gérard Grospiron, CIBJO Sector A Vice-Presidents for reviewing the text of the document

Other jewellery industry figures who provided key support  include:

  • Susan Jacques, GIA President
  • Douglas Hucker, AGTA CEO
  • Michael Krzemnicki and Laurent Cartier of the Swiss Gemmological Institute, SSEF
  • Hanco Zwann, Netherlands Gemmological Laboratory