Sustainability through successful succession
January 22, 2023

CIBJO’s popular Jewellery Industry Voices webinar and seminar series will began its fourth season in the same venue at the VICENZAORO show in Vicenza, Italy, on January 22, 2022, with two hybrid seminars. The second seminar was being co-organized with New York-based Initiatives in Arts and Culture.

Entitled “Sustainability through successful succession,” it considered the the process of transitioning effectively from one generation to the next.

In an industry that is characterised by family-owned companies, the long-term sustainability of a jewellery firm or brand is reliant on the transfer of knowledge, skills, trade secrets and often historic inventory from one generation to another, even when the company or brand moves from a family-owned to a more corporate structure.

The second seminar’s panellists included Alice Cicolini, a London-based designer whose jewelry has employed some of the Persian traditions and skills of enamel artisans today active in Jaipur, India, which have been passed down through generations of families for more than 200 years; Vincenzo Liverino, owner of a family-owned coral company in Torre del Greco, near Naples, who has committed to preserving the historic legacy of his family and town in the coral business, including the creation of one of the world’s historic jewelry collections and the opening of a museum; Sarah Fabergé, head of the Heritage Council and Director of Special Projects at Fabergé; and Alice Vanni, a director and the Sustainability and Compliance Manager at Italpreziosi Spa, a precious metals refinery in Arezzo, Italy, long associated with her family.

The moderator was Lisa Koenigsberg, President of Initiatives in Arts and Culture, and she was assisted by Jewellery Industry Voices regular moderator Edward Johnson.


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