Italian watch industry association ASSOROLOGI
confirmed as new CIBJO member

JUNE 7, 2021

CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation, has announced that its Board of Directors has confirmed as a new member ASSOROLOGI, Associazione Italiana Produttori e Distributori di Orologeria, the Italian watch industry association.

The organization is the second major watch industry national association to have joined CIBJO’s ranks this year, following the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH in March, and according to CIBJO President Gaetano Cavalieri this indicates not only the growing collaboration between the watch and jewellery sectors, but also the need of both to create common benchmarks for standards, nomenclature, responsible sourcing and consumer confidence.

Representing manufacturers and importers of watches and supplies for watchmaking, ASSOROLOGI is the industry’s representative in CONFCOMMERCIO, the Italian General Confederation of Enterprises, Professions and Self-Employment, the country’s largest business association.

“I wish to thank President Gaetano Cavalieri and the Board of Directors for the decision to open the World Jewellery Confederation to the activities of the watch industry, and to welcome us in a spirit of mutual cooperation,” said Mario Peserico, President of ASSOROLOGI. “We are ready to contribute to the important work that CIBJO has been carrying out for many years, supporting and protecting the jewellery, gemstone and precious metal markets worldwide. For many years, ASSOROLOGI concentrated its efforts in Europe, but it is now time to broaden our vision to the world. Within CIBJO we will be able to stand united and strengthened in the international markets.”

“ASSOROLOGI’s becoming a CIBJO member is another important milestone in a process that cements the relationship between the watch and jewellery sectors,” Dr. Cavalieri said. “In so many respects we already operate as one united industry, using similar raw materials, supply chains and outlets to the wholesale and retail markets, as well as interacting with the same consumers. Our interests are aligned, as are our challenges. We welcome ASSOROLOGI into our family.”

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