Innovation and technology in jewellery manufacturing
March 23, 2022

For the third time since CIBJO’s webinar programme was launched in April 2020, Jewellery Industry Voices conducted two live seminars/webinars from the VICENZAORO show in Vicenza, Italy on Friday, March 18, 2020. They took place before an in-person audience at the Fiera di Vicenza exposition centre, and be live-streamed simultaneously to a global audience via the Internet.

The second seminar was  entitled “Innovation and technology in jewellery manufacturing, supporting creativity and driving sustainable impact.”

The seminar looked how new techniques in jewellery manufacturing, such as 3D printing, laser welding and innovation in alloying precious metals, are enabling manufacturers to create a wider range and type of jewellery items than was possible before, attracting a more inclusive and diverse range of jewellery designers. Furthermore, with a greater focus on sustainability in production, such innovations allow retailers to demonstrate the positive steps jewellery manufacturing is making to improve efficiency, decrease waste and reduce energy usage.

Moderated by Edward Johnson, the second seminar’s panellists included: Damiano Zito, Progold, Italy; Josh Helmich, Helmich Luxury Group, USA; Peter Crump, Vipa Designs, United Kingdom, and Kelvin James, Diamond Centre of Wales.


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