Digging down into the data: The jewellery industry analysts
July 30, 2020

For 15 weeks from April 22, 2020, Jewellery Industry Voices polled the opinions of industry leaders, experts and trendsetters, with the goal being to better understand the impact and consequences of the COVID-19 crisis, and to develop an understanding of what the future holds. In a situation as dynamic and complex as the one the industry was living through, it had been a daunting but fascinating undertaking.

The 15th edition of CIBJO’s webinar series was the last edition of the first season of Jewellery Industry Voices, before the August 2020 hiatus. It featured four of the industry’s most respected analysts, who together help distill a vast amount of information that has been gathered over the past several months, to provide a broader perspective of where the industry stands and where it is headed. The webinar was entitled “Digging deep into the data: The jewellery industry analysts.”

The panel included Paul Zimnisky, a New York-based global diamond industry analyst whose research and analysis is used by financial institutions, management consulting firms, private and public corporations, governments, international organizations and universities; Pranay Narvekar, a Mumbai-based consultant specializing in many of the crucial strategic, financial and structural problems facing the industry pipeline; Edahn Golan, an expert whose in-depth data analysis is based on his own detailed data and research of the mining, wholesale and retail markets, as well as rough and polished price analysis; and Russell Shor, an industry veteran with more than 40 years of experience, including being the in-house analyst for the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

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