In a changing world, consumers are increasingly asking retailers tough questions about the jewellery they sell: Where were the precious metals mined? How can they be sure a gemstone is real and untreated? What has the retailer done to ensure high standards throughout the supply chain?

As a jeweller, you know how important consumer trust is to your business and the considerable amounts of time, money and emotion consumers invest when making their jewellery purchases.

Reputation is everything and preserving and enhancing it relies on understanding the challenges to trust, implementing measures to protect your business and being able to provide customers with appropriate reassurances. If done effectively, this can lead to repeat business, position you as a responsible player in the jewellery industry and help you maintain a leading position in an increasingly competitive luxury goods market.

Produced by the World Jewellery Confederation’s Marketing and Education Commission, Believe in Me: A Jewellery Retailer’s Guide to Consumer Trust looks at why consumer trust is fundamental to jewellery purchases today and discusses how the industry and, in particular, individual retailers can make a difference.